Enemy Territory


Specify Pitch/Yaw/Roll for the pendulum to swing in a different direction to the default north-south
constantLight color
Damage to inflict when blocked (2 default)
ConstantLight radius
optional md3 to draw over the solid clip brush. It will attach itself to the origin brush.
The 0.0 to 1.0 offset in the cycle to start at
The number of degrees each way the pendulum swings, (30 default)
Allows per-entity control over shadow casting. Defaults to 0 on entities, 1 on world. 0 = no shadow casting. 1 = cast shadows on world. > 1 = cast shadows on entities with _rs (or _receiveshadows) with the corresponding value, AND world. Negative values imply same, but DO NOT cast shadows on world.
Sets the cel shader used for this geometry. Note: omit the "textures/" prefix.
Floating point value scaling the resolution of lightmaps on brushes/patches in this entity (default 1.0).
Allows per-entity control over shadow reception. Defaults to 1 on everything (world shadows). 0 = receives NO shadows. > 1 = receive shadows only from corresponding keyed entities (see above) and world. < 1 = receive shadows ONLY from corresponding keyed entities.
Used to attach a misc_model entity to this entity.
You need to have an origin brush as part of this entity.
Pendulums always swing north/south on unrotated models. Add an angles field to the model to allow rotation in other directions.
Pendulum frequency is a physical constant based on the length of the beam and gravity.
Target this entity with a misc_model to have the model attached to the entity
(set the model's "target" key to the same value as this entity's "targetname").

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